Cozy Writer



Basically me all the time right now. Bunkered down on the couch, tea or chocolate almond milk and water at the ready. Although, picture about 10 more blankets pilled onto me.

Writing has been an alternate creative outlet that has become very satisfying for me, I feel that it is making me a better communicator in real life conversation as well.

Very much want this stylus so that I can make more art on the iPad and go where ever I want in the house instead of being locked at my desk.

Look forward to more illustration related output soon because I have a lot of very exciting things coming up! Including some girl time with Jen Pilles and a week off at the end of the month in which much art will be made.

For now I leave you with a talk that has truly inspired me lately. Enjoy!

Elle Luna “The Crossroads of Should and Must”



Making ‘Tiny’ Plans

Lui and I have been considering making some pretty huge changes in out life lately. We are still thinking about all of our options. Something we have thought a lot about is building a tiny house to live in, this idea stuck for a couple months and we vigorously planned.

The outcome for me was that I learned Sketchup (and a butt ton about tiny houses). I still have much more learning to do but I created quite a few a 3D models depicting our idea tiny home.

1st pass
One of our initial tiny house plans.

Our first iterations had the kitchen at one end and the bathroom at the other. Besides just being tricker to plumb, the design left us without much defined living space and an awkward kitchen space along one wall.

Below is the tiny house we feel that would truly be our dream home.

exteriorcross section

This Tiny house has the bathroom and kitchen at one end underneath the loft bedroom. I had watched quite a few tiny house tours with a small galley kitchen and really liked the feel. doing this also opened up a large area for living/office space.

This is a 24 x 8.5 tiny house on a trailer. Featuring, full size fridge, laundry machine, composting toilet, a.c unit, propane stove, apartment sized oven and queen sized bed.

Who knows where life will lead us, but I hope one day it’s into a tiny home like this.